The Academy Provides Following Facilities

  • Availability of Hostel for boys
  • Outdoor Tasks Area
  • Excellent Study Environment in the class rooms
  • Facility of boarding & lodging
  • Net/Wifi in the class rooms
  • Study arrangements for all types of commission
  • Preparation for the Cadet Colleges Exams
  • Ladies Guidance Centre for the exams

Preliminary (initial) tests preparation for all types of commission

- Verbal Intelligence tests
- Non verbal intelligence tests
- Mechanical Tests
- Academic Tests i.e. GK, Math, English, physics, chemistry, Islamic Study & Pak Study

Personality Traits

- Grooming Aspects
- General Knowledge
- Quick Mental Math
- General Awareness
- Opinion Forming

GTO Tasks

GTO Tasks Indoor
- Lecturette
- Group Discussion
- Group Planning

GTO Tasks Outdoor
- PGT , HGT, CT, ET & IOs

Psychologist tests

- Thematic/Pointer Stories
- Sentence Completion

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